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C2E2 is proud to serve as the North Dakota affiliate of the North American Association for Environmental Education. The Affiliate Network promotes collaboration for maximum effectiveness and efficiency, and a unified voice for environmental education across North America and beyond.
The Coalition is a nonprofit that serves the shared interests of public and private agencies and organizations, businesses, teachers and individuals distributing and using environmental education materials. The Coalition aligned under Gateway to Science in Bismarck in 1997 to secure 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, and achieved their own nonprofit status in 2014.


Participants share a common and compelling vision to "develop a public that is knowledgeable, committed and motivated to take a balanced, active approach for a sustainable environment."


The mission of the Coalition is to "prepare stewards of all ages with skills to evaluate issues, make informed choices, act responsible, and take corrective steps to maintain a sustainable environment for present and future generations."


Participants share common and compelling values to "strengthen environmental education by sharing ideas, forging new partnerships, enhancing communication, and leveraging scarce resources."


  • generating 5-year "ND EE Strategic State Plans"

  • creating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to build support and visibility
  • establishing a non-profit organization called the "Coalition for Conservation and Environmental Education" (C2E2)

  • embedding EE into ND Science and Social Studies State Content Standards

  • infusing environmental education into the University Program Standards for Teacher Education in Science and Social Studies

  • building a web site to serve as a clearinghouse for information

  • sponsoring an Outstanding Environmental Award for regionals and the State Science Fair

  • selecting National Youth Science Camp scholarship winners for the governor from 2000-2014

  • launching a high school, natural resource competition called the Envirothon in 2000 (ND took 10th out of 52 teams in 2004 at the National Envirothon) and in 2014 almost 90 teams from 35 schools participating - this program was turned over to the Sheyenne James RC&D in 2014

  • producing Trading Cards of trees, macroinvertebrates and soils

  • becomming an Affiliate of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)

    Together we can inform, inspire and foster innovative collaborations among organizations and leaders from many different sectors and endeavors. Do you work for environmental literacy? Science education? Land conservation? Community food security? Outdoor recreation? Environmental justice? Resilient communities? Do you seek to enhance the relationships among people, nature and communities? Our work may not look the same, but you know we are all inherently interconnected. Your participation will help make us better together. Join us!

    * Come and strengthen our connections and find common ground
    * Engage in impactful collaborations
    * Celebrate the sum of our parts
    * Foster innovative partnerships
    * Create robust pathways to environmental literacy

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